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She didn't love him but married him to get a place to live. The name of her oldest son was Michael, then came Alexandr, whose Jewish name was Shaya, and the name of her youngest son was Boris. During the Great Patriotic War Sophia's sons went to the front. My grandfather's daughters from his second marriage became Zionists. Her name is included in the ' Golden Book of Israel'. [She was afraid to keep in touch with relatives abroad.] [8] This relationship might have become an obstacle for us to enter college, and in 1936 and the following years it might have even become a reason for arrest.Michael was a marine and the two others were recruited to the front. Sophia's daughter lived in Kiev before the Great Patriotic War. After the Great Patriotic War Lisa and Riva got an opportunity to see Grandmother Liebe.There was a general meeting where Sophia was expelled from university where only children of proletariat could study. When the Great Patriotic War began Sophia, Grandmother Liebe, Clara and her children evacuated. Sophia lived with my grandmother and Clara's family.She went to work as a teacher of the Russian language and literature at school.

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They came again in the 1970s after Grandmother Liebe died. They had a wonderful gravestone installed for my grandmother and grandfather, who perished at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

They were Jews and preferred to lease their houses to Jewish families.

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