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07-Oct-2018 12:56

The External References palette includes the commands to attach, detach and reload xrefs.The External References Palette will show the number of attachments and overlays used in an Auto CAD drawing and lets users switch xrefs from attachments to overlays and back.The Drawing Management feature in Auto CAD® Architecture 2013 uses external references (xrefs) as a means to create a project and maintain it.

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However, the background methods employed have additional features.

Circular external references can generate errors and prevent a drawing from plotting correctly.

When the layer colors are changed in the xref they do not update in the paperspace drawing. I tried VISRETAIN on 0. It does update the layer colors but then all the.… continue reading »

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In AutoCAD 2016 you can now control the display of layers for objects in xref drawings that were not set to “ByLayer. XRef Enhancements in AutoCAD 2016.… continue reading »

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A new line drawn will always be yellow. I can't get it to use the default "bylayer" color. I can manually change to bylayer in properties box, but… continue reading »

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XREF – AutoCAD tutorial Xref is the most useful command from AutoCAD. If you are going to use the software for work or you are looking to advance further.… continue reading »

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Add Colors to Dimensions;. Which Variable Controls Xref Layer Properties. In the current drawing the one MY_XREF is xref'd into.… continue reading »

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