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Both nations are also members of the League of Arab States.

In the ensuing period, the UAE maintained diplomatic relations with the Somali Transitional National Government and its successor the Transitional Federal Government, and supported their government initiatives.

See Somalia–United Arab Emirates relations Relations between the territories of the present-day United Arab Emirates and Somalia stretch back to antiquity.

The diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates are strong.Enhancing security relations, has been a US arms sale in March 2000 to the Emirates, valued at billion and included over billion worth of weapons, munitions, and services.A nuclear deal was signed between the US and the UAE meant to supply nuclear technology, expertise and fuel. Deal Raises Eyebrows Amid Concern Over Iran's Nuclear Program," January 16, 2009 Commercially, the UAE is also the States' largest export market in the Middle East constituting .6 billion in exports annually.The agreement focuses on the political, security, economic, investment and development sectors.

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See United Arab Emirates–United States relations The UAE’s strategic relationship with the United States dates back to the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.Despite international opposition to neighboring Iran’s nuclear developments, the US is confident of the UAE’s compliance with the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards to refrain from enriching uranium and extracting plutonium. In March 2005, the US opened negotiations on a free trade agreement and despite recent increasing depreciation of currencies in the Persian Gulf area, the UAE dirham remains pegged to the plunging dollar.It firmly believes this agreement "has the potential to usher in an era of responsible nuclear-energy development throughout the Middle East.”Global Security.org, "New U. The two countries have also maintained close ties through an exchange of cultural and educational partnerships which include the Guggenheim Museum, and a number of American Universities opening campuses in the Emirates.The UAE is 2nd largest remittance country for Bangladesh after Saudi Arabia.

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