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The five supports are: Literally, thousands of old texts have been studied by at least 50,000 members of the School’s student body.People in our groups can read hieroglyphics, cuneiform, ogham, and other ancient scripts.The site is created with a wheel-and-spoke design in mind, so each link above will take you to more links and more information. Gavin Frost Yvonne Frost The belief system of the Church and School is based not on one tradition but on a composite system of spiritual and magical beliefs resting firmly on five supports.

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Here they tell how to do a love spell, and also how [...] “A friend …

had been trying to sell his house for approximately one year.

Nine days later the house was sold for cash.” “I have made several (medicine) bags and they work.

I have had a number of people thank me from the results they had. We are currently digitizing all of our materials and adding them online as we get them completed. Please contact us for additional lectures that can be mailed as a hard copy.Making Initiation Tools This video provides all the information you need to make real School of Wicca initiation tools.The Craft draws its strength from the diversity of Nature itself; indeed it rejoices in diversity.

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