Who is lc dating now

08-Feb-2019 03:14

Unfortunately, Brody had more little black book entries than Lauren could count, and eventually, she gave up on trying to tie the playboy down.

The show's alternate ending gave viewers hope that the smiley couple could have lasted, but they just weren't meant to be.

After she kicked off her reality TV run in September 2004 on "Laguna," she moved to L. to continue to tell her story on "The Hills" in 2006.

Fans went on dates, good and bad, with LC, before she left TV in 2009 and dated without the prying eye of the camera lens. Candy' author is living proof that there are certain types of guys every girl should date before she ties the knot. LC famously crushed on Stephen Colletti during her time on "Laguna." But the romance hit a snag when Kristin Cavallari also had the hots for him.

Who could forget the short but sweet romance between LC and Brody Jenner?

Their "friendmance," as Jenner would later describe it, turned into just friendship.

LC started dating "My Boys" actor, Kyle Howard, back in 2008.

Kyle Howard: For three years, Lauren and the "My Boys" actor seemed completely in love (there was even talk that they'deventually tie the knot), but the seemingly perfect couple shocked the world when they split in 2011.

Later, we got word that Kyle was too invested in his career to settle down.

In fact, she had so much faith in their romance that she famously chose Jason over Paris.

But, Jason and LC were not meant to be, even if longtime rival Spencer Pratt tried to cook up rumors of a sex tape, for which he later, rather shockingly, apologized for.Doug Reinhardt: Lauren and Doug dated for a bit in high school and tried to reconnect their flame years later while they were both single in So Cal.Sadly, the spark just wasn't there the second time around -- plus, when Lauren heard that Doug was trying to date Stephanie Pratt, she shut down the possibility of ever starting things up again.LAUREN Conrad left fans squeeling with joy after she announced she was pregnant with her first baby. What did she do after the Hills, and when is the baby due? Lauren is a 30-year-old reality star who was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California.