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'I cannot believe that this is the house that I’ve been in for the last six-and-a-half years,' Christina gushed when she finally saw the results.

Ramsay Street is the fictional cul-de-sac in which the characters of the Australian soap opera Neighbours live.

He may be best known for swearing at timid chefs until they cry, but Gordon Ramsay also has a generous side.

The world-famous restaurateur, 51, is the featured guest on the season two premiere of My Houzz, a show where people are given the chance to gift a renovation to someone important to them.

The house was then rented out to Benito (George Spartels) and Cathy Alessi (Elspeth Ballantyne), who moved in with their sons, Marco (Felice Arena) and Rick (Dan Falzon).

Benito and Cathy left in 1993 and Marco and Rick moved out.

Cheryl, Brett and Danni went to live with Cheryl's partner Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver) for a short while, before all four moved to Number 22.

Cheryl died in 1996 and Brett and Danni moved away.

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Neighbours storylines primarily centre on the residents of the Street, which was named after the grandfather of original character Max Ramsay (Francis Bell).

For his stint on the show and he chose Christina Wilson, who won season 10 of his signature show, Hell's Kitchen, and whom Gordon lovingly brands the only winner he ever wanted to hire.