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For entirely selfish reasons I have been trying hard to like Diana Krall. Ominously, when I try to melt the permafrost by congratulating her on her pregnancy (her first, at 41, baby due in December) and asking her the standard jokey questions about whether she has developed any odd cravings or caught herself behaving erratically, she glowers at me, actually glowers, and says in a flat voice: "You might just find out." After five minutes of her blocking my questions with defensive, one-sentence answers delivered in a Canadian monotone, I wonder if I shouldn't just ask if she wants to reschedule. "I'm quite shy." (The default excuse of rude people.) "And people have preconceptions about me." Such as? But anyone who thinks her music bland and easy just isn't listening. And the next time I go to see her in concert, or play one of her albums, I don't want to have it ruined by a voice in my head saying: "What a cow." But from the moment she turns up late, pointedly ignores me while she pours herself a coffee and then greets me with a crusher handshake, the world's bestselling jazz singer and pianist has been in a foul mood. Does she worry she might be taken less seriously because of those photographs? The reason she has sold millions of records, they sniff, is her music is unchallenging.

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To date, she has won three Grammy Awards and eight Juno Awards.Since then she has become a peerless interpreter of the likes of Gershwin, Cole Porter and Bacharach, imbuing their slow songs with a bluesy swing or bringing an unexpected melancholy to more upbeat numbers. "People have compared me to Peggy Lee but, actually, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong were much more of an influence.I was born listening to Bing Crosby, I knew all the lyrics by heart by the time I was 15.Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in May, 2011 he said: “I’ve wanted to do that kind of thing forever, since the Beatle days. I thought, ‘I have to wait so it doesn’t look like I’m trying to do a Rod.'” No offense Paul. I think you’ve done something far more clever, so more tasteful, sophisticated and stylish. For an insightful review of “Kisses on the Bottom” see Radio Brandon.blog’s thoughts.

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Diana Jean Krall, OC, OBC (born November 16, 1964) is a Canadian jazz pianist and singer, known for her contralto vocals.The song is “The Glory of Love“, a classic popular song from 1936 recorded hundreds of times over the years.The personnel reads as follows: Paul Mc Cartney – vocals; Diana Krall – piano and rhythm arrangement; Anthony Wilson – guitar; John Clayton – bass; Jeff Hamilton – drums; Mike Mainieri – vibraphone; produced by Tommy Li Puma; recorded and mixed by Al Schmidt and Steve Genewick; recording studio – Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California….. In considering the recording of an album devoted to covers of pop standards from the pre-rock years Mc Cartney himself said he didn’t just want to repeat what Rod Stewart had done so successfully already with his recordings of tunes from the popular American songbook. Yet jazz purists talk dismissively of "the Diana Krall crowd", meaning musical tourists who would shy away from John Coltrane, Charles Mingus or Thelonious Monk.

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