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From custody battles to Twitter rants to the ensuing public fall-out, fans have been looking like Michael Jackson in the theater during the "Thriller" video, slowly munching on popcorn, watching as things get wilder by the day.

is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model and actress.

“She’s a special girl,” Wilson said in an interview with Erin Andrews. As much as I try to give her the benefit of the doubt, she has this love them and love them mentality, she forgets these men quickly as if it’s a game she’s playing with their time and their lives. Why date the men if you feel that deep down inside that you’re too good for them? His 3rd child born with spina be bifurcation (spinal column doesn’t close). I suspect Wilson is approaching an extremely difficult yr in 2016.. God knows it aint for the lack of them throwing themselves at him. Russ says thanks but no thanks, once bitten, twice shy. That child is not a football for Wilson to steal, fumble, or pass..

“She’s the light of the world.” Ciara has long drawn acclaim for her fashion. Maybe it’s the reason she’s failed at relationships, because the men feel played after a while. A few days ago Tom Brady was his favorite Qb…spoke volumes of WILSON’S leadership quality as a HAWK. STEVE Largent ..retired wide receiver for the Hawks. He kept playing, and set many HAWKS records tht remain intact. He chose what’s behind door # 2 and that happened to be the incomparable Ciara! I see your analysis of them was absolutely wrong !!

Sometimes things start out like Lil Durk and Dej Loaf and flourish into Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Other times, however, the relationship ends in a bad breakup and thanks to the power and immediacy of today's media, we get to go along for the ride.

Future stepped outside of the rap game to find his former bae Ciara, which in turn sent Twitter collectively tweeting every move they made a few years back when they fast-tracked from dating to a birthday engagement to pregnancy.

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Wilson has taken quite a liking to baby Future and was memorably spotted playing with him during training camp.Ciara has her own money, works hard for her coins so she doesn’t need to damn her to pay for anything. Is ” getting what you want” the rule of thumb for success? The hip-hop community loves when its superstars get together to remind us of what it's all about in life: love and family.But Ciara, 29, doesn’t really need any help in that regard.