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Rainbow and Chibi met while studying fine arts at Fanshawe College in London, Canada.

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They continued to play live into the fall and then spring of 2001.

Falcore had written was brought back to London, where songs such as “Over” and “Remember Me” were recorded.

The group then decided to form a band, which they named Imagica. After a year of practicing and writing songs, the band played their first gig on October 28th 2000 at Diversity night club in London.

The band released a seven song demo CD at the show. E who was also attending the same college saw the performance and the following month joined the band on drums.

The band was now a solid unit and began developing a small fan base.

Soon after, the three began writing and recording songs.

Ladies & gentlemen! This is The Birthday Massacre! a canadian metal band i love. See more ideas about The birthday massacre, Chibi and Gothic.… continue reading »

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