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This a simple parable that is derived from the Jewish Mishmash may help to answer this question.

A small village in Rural Russia was beset by drought one year and all the crops failed.

Very often, despite our earnest prayer our problems only seem to get worse by the day.

Often we ponder whether God really answers our paryers.

Interview With President of Pontifical Liturgical Institute ROME, SEPT.

25, 2005 (Zenit) - Catholics are so used to the marvels of the Mass that they might easily fail to be astonished.

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The Church, perpetuating in time this Passover, ancient and new, has gathered all its liberating potential, offering it to man.The Second Vatican Council text is heir of other texts pf the Council of Trent.In keeping with the apostolic and patristic tradition, Trent saw in the death of Christ the fulfillment of the ancient paschal event and distinguished the Jewish paschal rite from the memorial event celebratory of Jesus Christ. Chris Anthony Butterworth, Malaysia Op/Ed Catholic Online We are His miracle workers among men...

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By Dr. Chris Anthony Butterworth, Malaysia Op/Ed Catholic Online.… continue reading »

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Interview With President of Pontifical Liturgical Institute ROME, SEPT. 25.… continue reading »

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