Who is carmine gotti dating

29-Nov-2018 08:37

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Agnello has even opened a new business, Charity Towing, which hauls vehicles donated to nonprofit groups.

But while he’s busy playing house with his new bride, Agnello’s three sons by Victoria – Carmine, John and Frank – weren’t even told about the nuptials, said his ex-wife, Victoria Gotti.

But a source told The Post that Topalian was the leader of a militant Armenian terrorist group dedicated to avenging his people’s genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks in 1915.

Jacqueline has pictures of them together on her twitter page.

Carmine does have a girl-friend her name is Natalie she's been seen many times on his instagram and her instagram as well.

The reality series Growing Up Gotti chronicled the lives of Victoria Gotti, daughter of famous mob boss John Gotti, and her three sons, Carmine, John, and Frank.

John has a girlfriend her name is Alina he does have a picture of them together on instagram and she has tons on her twitter and instagram as well. As for Carmine, he's been seen with this one gorgeous girl name Natalie recently, he has one picture of her and him together on his instagram and she also has a picture of her and him on her instagram.

Don't know if they are dating but if they are they do make a cute couple!“I wish him the best,” said Victoria, 46, when The Post broke the news to her.“But I can’t believe he didn’t tell the kids himself.” She said Agnello, who is still on supervised release, has only visited the three boys once since he’s been out of jail.“Like my mother always says, the government did me the biggest favor of my life,” Victoria said, referring to both Agnello’s arrest and the secret government recordings that revealed he’d been having a steamy affair with his bookkeeper, which led to the couple’s divorce in 2002.

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Don't know if they are dating but if they are they do make a cute couple!***** Minor edit? Save Cancel. Carmine Gotti was born on April 4.… continue reading »

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