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She said: 'Coolio said a few things yesterday that made me realise that I may need to go to the diary room and have a bit of a cry about it.'It wasn't that you made me cry', she added.

She said she did not want his comments to affect 'anything on the outside', referring to not wanting her boyfriend speculating about it.

Singer Ben Adams has spoken about the frustration he felt when he appeared on ‘where are they now lists? The musician found fame in 1999 as the lead singer of the group, topping the UK charts with hit singles Take On Me and Same Old Brand New You, but he began working as a songwriter and producer after the band split.

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@eugeniusuk needs to be the next big #Hollywood musical!I'm not going to do it again' - to which Michelle replied: 'I'd appreciate it if you didn't do it again'.The former Liberty X singer then explained to some of the housemates why she had cried.On yesterday's live show it was revealed Terry voted Ulrika as biggest ego, Lucy as the least talented and Ben as having the least integrity.

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After the housemates chose to save Ben and leave Ulrika and Lucy up for eviction Terry tries to explain himself to the TV presenter.

He said: 'You've got a partner, I've got a partner and I don't want them thinking 'what's going on there'.