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"—and Parkes' propensity to rewrite scripts and bully not just Spielberg, but filmmakers, with his healthy ego, would ultimately make Dream Works quite the opposite of what it set out to be at its inception: an artist unfriendly place.Spielberg, however, wasn't concerned, and in fact rewarded Parkes and Mac Donald in such a grandiose way that left others at the company dumbfounded."What Amy was not."“Walter Parkes is Steven’s idea of what he should have been—East Coast-educated, upper-middle-class family, good-looking guy, right wife the first time, not the second time,” said producer Tony Ludwig.

"Kate made it clear she'd be a different kind of woman—a supporting, loving and present wife," one source told me.Screenwriter Richard Christian Matheson tells the story of a jaunt around the lush campus with Spielberg: "Every once in a while, from a rock or a tree, you'd hear, ' Steven, your is here.' Obviously, there were microphones among the rocks that talk, because you'd hear a voice saying, ' Steven do you want something?' He'd say, ' Guys, do you want some Popsicles?For despite his menschy, laid-back, good-guy image, Spielberg is an intense power player who cares deeply about financial matters.

Says a former agent from CAA, the agency that represents him: "He's probably the toughest person who ever lived, with the added aggravation that he wants everyone to like it. He has people around who make his wishes come true before he even expresses them.Neighbors include Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Here, among kids' toys and baseball bats, original Rockwells and Remingtons, and treasures such as the balsa-wood Rosebud sled from Citizen Kane, Spielberg had achieved the perfect mise en scène he had craved after his breakup with the actress Amy Irving.Anything Steven thinks is important, we want to invest in.'" Spielberg's life had always been as carefully choreographed as his movies.

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