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24-Jun-2018 12:24

When you’re making purchases on the web in Safari on your i Phone, i Pad, or Mac, you can use Apple Pay without having to create an account or fill out lengthy forms.

And with Touch ID on Mac Book Pro, paying takes just a touch and is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before.

When you pay with a debit or credit card, Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you.

And when you use Apple Pay Cash, information is stored only for troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and regulatory purposes.

Apple Pay Cash and your credit and debit cards are in the Wallet app along with boarding passes, tickets, rewards cards, and more. Just add your participating cards to Wallet and you’ll continue to get all the rewards and benefits of your cards.

Apple Pay works with most credit and debit cards from nearly all U. Apple Pay is easy to set up and gives your customers a simple and secure way to pay and donate with the devices they use every day.

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When an Extended Validation Certificate is installed on a web site, the address bar will turn green.

It’s easy to let your customers know you accept Apple Pay.

Download the Apple Pay mark to use within email, on your terminal screen, and on your website.

Based on this initial exchange, your browser and the website then initiate the ' SSL handshake'.

The SSL handshake involves the generation of shared secrets to establish a uniquely secure connection between yourself and the website.

Option to share your first name and last name initial on your profile.