What is back dating stock options preity zinta dating now

05-Feb-2019 15:08

It's a legal term of art in class action settlements.

It allows that money in excess of what is being paid to investors or lawyers be given to charities, in this case those "corporate governance" programs at universities.

We'd all have been better off if backdating was seen for what it really was: a rational response to an irrational accounting rule.

Anyway, Apple was alleged to have backdated a number of options.

It was the pseudo-scandal launched by the Wall Street Journal's investigative unit, after its reporters began following up on an academic report that demonstrated many executive stock options awards were too well-timed to be plausible.

The basic idea was that many companies seemed to award stock options on days when their stocks were at low-points, which increased the value of the options when the stock increased and made the stock cheaper to buy for the executives.

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Most employee stock options are, or purport to be, granted “at-the-money,” meaning that the exercise price of the option equals the market price of the underlying stock on the date of the grant.The Center for Class Action Fairness would love to object to such a blatantly illegal settlement.But it can't do so in a vacuum: it can only do so on behalf of a class member who is being ripped off by these attorneys.If you're not in the class, but know people or institutions who might be, spread the word.