Vinyl records dating first editions

10-Dec-2018 01:12

Auction sites: use the larger Ebay sites like,,uk, and and investigate the number of records being sold, the highest bid they have received and the condition of the items. Other helpful sites are the "Record Collectors Guild",,

ADVISE: during the time you are investigating, listen to your vinyl records, you will enjoy the music and can check whether they have audible noises like cracks, skips or repeats at the same time.

Have written names, numbers or used hard to remove stickers on the covers, in this case you will not get a high value, What are the music genre you listened to.

Was it "middle of the road" for an relaxing listening experience, or is the music off-track hard to find music.

Serious record shops will take care about their reputation and services so you can expect records in great condition.

Check your local shops and support the business they are doing, they depend on you (note: when buying a larger nr of records they are often willing to offer a discount or throw in an extra bonus records) Flea markets, Garage Sales - Flea markets and garage sales are great places to find records at low prices, but take care of the records cover and vinyl condition.

Much of estimating the value of your collection depends on: the time you have available to collect and analyze various information and of course the volume of records in your collection.

Limited Time to Spent If you have little time to invest in this collection appraisal, the easiest way is to place an advertisement in one or more local newspapers.

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Eg the "Abbey Road" made in Germany has a lower value then the same record from the UK.Keep in mind that the above are general rules and exception will proof the generality of these rules.If the album cover has an EAN code (product identification barcode) it has been produced after 1973.In the advertisement you need to mention the nr of albums, the condition of the album covers and the records and the music genres Eg Selling ~50 LP from the 60s-80s, Pop Rock, all in an excellent condition The better and more detailed the description, the higher the chance that the ad is attracitng the right interested people.

Feb 22, 2010 How do I find out if an album vinyl is a first. I have a huge collection of vinyl some dating back. Should I get original editions of vinyl albums.… continue reading »

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