Updating xps project device settings failed

09-Dec-2018 12:27

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Color Hug ALS.firmware Color Hug ALS :0152 Fu 46 uefia0a3aa54.firmware Embedded Box PC 5000 System Update :0152 Fu 47 com.logitech. RQR12.firmware Logitech Unifying Receiver :0152 Fu 48 uefia81a55fe.firmware Opti Plex 3240 AIO System Update :0152 Fu 49 uefi34578c72.firmware XPS 15 9560/Precision 5520 System Update :0152 Fu 50 com.8bitdo.sfc30.firmware SFC30 :0152 Fu 51 uefi43ca3264.firmware Opti Plex 7440 AIO System Update :0156 Fu smbios property /sys/class/dmi/id/sys_vendor=Dell Inc.

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updating xps project device settings failed-33

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efivar has an entry too, though, again, for me, hard to tell what it means, and whether it's connected to the "leftover" entry I removed, or to something new...

See specifically #100 (comment) OK, I was able to manually run the cleanup script and get rid of the leftover entries.