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Thought this might be helpful for Netezza Starters -- try these for different date calculations: --------------------------------------------------------------- SELECT date(current_Date) from dual; select add_months(current_date,-1) - date_part('day', current_date) from dual; select add_months(current_date,1) - date_part('day', current_date) from dual; select date_part('day', current_date) from dual; select date_part('month', current_date) from dual; select add_months(current_date,0) from dual; select add_months(current_date,-1) from dual; select add_months(current_date,-1) - date_part('month', current_date) from dual; select add_months(current_date,0) - date_part('day', current_date) from dual; ------------------------------Thanks for posting this. Also found that I couldn't alternate add_months with add_weeks or add_days, and getting errors on "Attribute DAY not found" if I left day out of quotation marks, or Function 'DATE_PART(UNKNOWN, INT4, TIMESTAMP)' does not exist if I put 'day' within quotes.

There are some netezza date functions in the Relative Dates sticky topic here:

Obviously if your truck or trailer doesn't have the ISO 7638 you cant do this or there wont be a signal at all.

You'll see from the diagram below the signals in 24S pin 2 and 6 are duplicated in the ISO7638.

Eg new trailers have a sticker on the headboard saying it's got ABS, EBD bla bla whereas the old ones might just have ABS.

Slam the brakes on and see if the ABS still works We have the same with our MAN TGA'S and TGS's only with Trailers fitted with Midland Grau ABS systems...

As the Vosa doc show, this doesn't necessarily mean that the ABS isn't functioning it perhaps shows the indication system is malfunctioning due to incompatability. Haldex said "Not all modern tractor units put out a voltage on Pin 6 of the 24S.

If the ABS unit finds Pin 2 to work but Pin 6 not working it may set the cab light to fault." Making it appear you trailer doesn't have ABS, or its malfunctioning IF you have the ISO 7638 to connect, disconnecting the 24S for a moment and seeing if the problem persists will identify the above.

If so , disconnecting 2 and 6 in one end of special 24S suzie only to be used in this situation, will solve the problem.

The trucks' electronics do not throw enough wattage to the system, the same problem with digital trailer light clusters, the dash indicator only showing that the unit flashers are working. Get someone to press the footbrake while you check the abs light.

Hi everyone, Im new here and I'm a domestic driver.

It dosen't do it with all the trailers, it didn't do it with the older units and sometimes it can be 30mins to an hour into the journey before it comes on, any ideas what is wrong? also what would vosa do as when I leave the yard it is fine? Vosa saw it when I was pulled once and made me reverse up their yard, then run back down reaching 10ks to see if it went out... Don't know why they come on, but I'm sure someone else will.

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