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11-Jul-2018 10:53

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The tool does not do all of the coordination for you.

If you have multiple machines in your SAS Platform, you will need to run the SAS Deployment Manager on each machine while being mindful of a few key requirements.

This functionality is not available on Envoys manufactured prior to the launch of the Envoy-S.

Once you’ve enabled AP mode on the Envoy, it begins to broadcast a wireless network that you can join.

Go to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi Settings screen and connect to the Envoy’s wireless network.

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This will allow your mobile device to reconnect to your home network and the Internet.Need to update passwords in the SAS Intelligence Platform?No problem, as long as you follow a few important steps.Whenever the password is changed for an Oracle Cloud user whose credentials are used for backing up to an Oracle Storage Cloud container, you need to update the user’s password in the Oracle Wallet file that maintains the credentials.

Oct 26, 2017. I'm trying to create a password on Chase login and 1Password keeps trying to remember and update the password every time.… continue reading »

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If your Envoy uses your home Wi-Fi network to communicate with Enlighten and you've recently changed your network password, you will have to update the Envoy's password with your new network password. This may be required if you have changed your Internet Service Provider ISP or router. Follow these steps if your.… continue reading »

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