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03-Feb-2019 14:02

Under the revised regulation, soldiers remain in non-promotable status for 12 months following a court-martial conviction.

The change was made because most soldiers are placed in voluntary indefinite status when they are promoted to staff sergeant and reach 10 years of service and do not periodically re-enlist like soldiers in the lower ranks.

The changes will have the practical effect of stretching out the wait between promotions to give soldiers additional time for schooling and activities that will better prepare them for duty at the next grade.

"We still are promoting sergeants first class and master sergeants earlier than desired.

The regulation also provides for the promotion of soldiers in the DES who are placed on the Temporary Disability Retirement List.

If they are in promotable status, they will be promoted as they leave the Army, which is a change and is in compliance with federal law.

"Commanders are supposed to look at the situation holistically, and not automatically make a soldier ineligible based on the profile.

We want them to look at qualification or disqualification from an MOS perspective," Purcell said.

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"This is an avenue for a soldier to find a place that the Army has a requirement for," Purcell said.

Learn More The VLER Health Initiative is now available at several sites around the U. allowing some of the information in your military electronic health record to be securely shared between the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and participating federal and civilian health care partners through the national e Health Exchange.

Sharing your health information can save time and improve your care when you visit e Health Exchange providers, including Veterans Affairs hospitals.

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That's what you use to connect with people in your network and your profile is how you get found on Linked In because it contains information about your skills and experience."If a soldier qualifies for a SMAPP military occupational specialty, it means we have an immediate need for that skill set." About 80 percent of those soldiers are now in compliance with the new requirements.However, some 18,000 promotable sergeants recently were removed from the staff sergeant selection list early this year because they did not have credit for SSD-2.• Soldiers who are selected for advancement to sergeant major, but who are not graduates of the SMC, can be conditionally promoted to E9 provided they are making satisfactory progress in the nonresident version of the SMC.