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Computer system fees cover FINRA’s expenses related to operation of the electronic filing system.Initial registration fees are deposited into a firm’s “Daily Account.” In November of each year, renewal fees for state-registered firms and all IA representatives are paid into a separate “Renewal Account.” Click here for more information about these accounts, as well as information on electronic payment and payment by mail or delivery service.It is best to check with the appropriate regulator about additional requirements before filing; waiting until after your forms are filed can delay licensing and your ability to conduct business. Do I have to print out a form’s execution page to sign it, then mail it in? No; your typed signature on the electronic execution page is sufficient. Where do I send my state registration and computer system fees? All fees are paid to FINRA, which operates the IARD and CRD for the states and SEC.FINRA distributes registration fees to the appropriate states.

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Between and 0 million the firm is allowed to register with either the SEC or applicable states at its discretion ( – 0 million assets under management) and depending on the firms initial registration status. A small investment adviser is an investment adviser that has up to million dollars assets under management. For technical questions about IARD and for payment information, call the Gateway Call Center at (240) 386-4848, or e-mail to [email protected] SEC registrants should call (202) 942-0691, or send an e-mail to [email protected] What application form do I use to register my firm, and where can I find it? When you electronically register your firm, you will use Form ADV on the secure, password-protected portion of the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD).

State registrants pay no IARD fees for filing the annual update or other amendments to Form ADV other than a once-yearly system fee covering computerization costs. Only states register investment adviser representatives, not the SEC, but those who must be registered include individuals working for both state and SEC-registered firms. Some jurisdictions base registration on the number of clients. Solicitors should check with all jurisdictions in which they will be doing business. I will be getting “basis points” or referral fees for business I send to an investment adviser. NASAA’s IA/BD Exemption Chart is a good starting place, but you should confirm your status with the appropriate state regulator(s). How does my firm register individuals, and what forms should I use? Individuals normally are registered through the electronic Central Registration Depository (CRD), which includes information on brokerage firms and agents.

This applies to both state and SEC-registered advisers. Is there a federal licensing requirement for individuals? No; the SEC just registers firms meeting the applicable criteria. When signing up for the IARD, a firm also fills out a CRD Entitlement Form and is given access to the CRD for the purpose of registering individual investment adviser representatives. Besides filing the forms and paying necessary fees, are there other requirements for state-registered firms or individuals? Although there is a growing movement towards uniformity, state regulators may impose other requirements.

Do I have to print out a form’s execution page to sign it, then mail it in?

Where do I send my state registration and computer system fees? An investment adviser provides advice regarding buying and selling securities for a fee separate from other services.

Once the firm is licensed, the next step is for it to register individuals as investment adviser representatives, utilizing Form U4 if your applicable state registers investment adviser representatives.

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