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16-Aug-2018 17:01

It’s like asking if water cease to be water when it evaporates.A demigod is a hero, born of one god and one mortal parent.Every oracle had a particular method of divination.These included motion of objects in the spring, movements of birds, cracks in the bones of animals, rustling of leaves, interpreted dreams, etc, and were all considered valid indicators for divination.They inspire the best (and worst) in us, live among us, and champion us, but aren’t totally human.Hello All My Honeys, After spending many months ill and stuck in indecision on what to write and what not to since the end of August, I have decided to start expanding on my interests and writing as a way to better my experience and gain more pleasure from my most beloved stories.This means that more experienced priestesses trained them, and acolytes gained the benefit of practice before taking on the mantle of authority.

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” is to write your question in a journal before you go to sleep, then the god may answer it for you in your dream. Though our sources, which are divinely inspired, are Hesiod and Homer.A demigod is between mortal and immortal, and therefore able to perform super-human feats but aren’t immortal (unless transformed into a god).They have the benefit of being able to travel between realms; which is off-limits to all but psychopomps, messenger gods, and mortals who have recently died.On the hard polytheist side, the question of she died is open vs.

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