Updating bios alienware area 51 m7700

18-Feb-2019 04:45

I hope this information may help to troubleshoot the problem but i cannot confirm this is a problem i have set up for myself. It displayed something about a driver perhaps misfunctioning but that was about it.

I later installed a program called whocrashed and it said that perhaps a driver had not been installed or a peice of hardware not recognized.

The nice part is you can get nvidia's new 8800 video card in a 15-inch laptop...

of machines that also had the same processor and video card Watch Alienware Area-51 m15x videos on CNET TV: At CES 2008, Dan Ackerman.

The ethernet had a strange warning symbol next to it. In addition, i tried to format everything and reinstall windows, however i found in the device manager that there was an unknown device.

If you read the post below i gave some information on it but otherwise i am unsure what to do or what to install to fix this.

Luckily, under the shut down box there was a shield with an exclamation mark whiched i pressed to install updates.

updating bios alienware area 51 m7700-80

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So I went to Google on another machine and found this: I had exactly the same problem.I accidently overclocked it too high before and the computer crashed.Later, when i turned it on, i tried to open the nvidia panel but it couldnt recognize my video card.You could also look at the box it came in or your order invoice.

There are a whole bunch of different Alienware 17 models, like I said, and they all have different hardware and so they all use different drivers. I can't find the drivers page for your model, or even your model, on the Alienware or Dell websites so I've emailed their driver support for assistance. I don't know why it's so hard to find them for this model. I can't find that model at all on the Alienware or Dell websites.

I can't seem to get an answer from them or find drivers for that model number. I will tell you if anything comes up So it appears that after a several months of using my alienware, the system works perfect!

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