Updating asterisk

04-Feb-2019 13:41

I got all the latest versions, including asterisk-gui-0.9.7-3-1 #355. Gone to the r Path GUI I then tried a System Update and then it tries to "update" my asterisk-gui back to 0.9.7-1-1 #331. Alex I am also have an update problem in that since the last update the system now fails when it tries to do an update.From the GUI version 1.0.9 version 290 I get "Looking for available updates ...

The flexibility of the new engine affords a lot of power for folks who are building systems on top of Asterisk.

However, it is not a Long Term Support release - and as such, unless you feel comfortable looking through the changes in Asterisk 12 and working through the configuration differences and the new features, you may be well served by waiting for the Free PBX system to provide a more suitable upgrade path.

SIP method update From RFC 3311 UPDATE. This makes it very useful for updating session parameters within early dialogs. Asterisk cmd Prefix; GSM Codec;… continue reading »

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In order to update Asterisk a minor version e.g. 13.x to 13.y you need to follow the steps below. If you need instructions on upgrading asterisk to a newer major.… continue reading »

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Included with Asterisk releases are a few files that are useful for researching the version you are considering for update or upgrade. These can be found in the root.… continue reading »

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