Updating agp driver

02-Dec-2018 11:18

If you do not use a programmer, you can download the file "Tsr.exe". There is a readme file inside to guide you to do the BIOS updating procedure. The model name of a chip is marked on the top surface of the chip itself.

However, usually a heat sink is attached on the top side of a chip so users cannot see the model name directly.

The following is the instruction to connect to TV: 1).

Connect with TV by either a S connector or an AV connector. Boot the Win95/98/ME system up then you will find the tap Si S TV-OUT under Display Properties.

If a Windows user would like to know which type of them is used in a system, he/she can check it out under "Chip Type" of "Display Properties".

There is a hardware version shown over there and the below table gives the relationship.

A: Yes, Si S6326 is compliant to VESA 2.0 specification.

Using outdated or corrupt ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro (AGP) drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.

Don't set your display mode to other mode for TV-OUT, most TV set can't support other display modes except above mode. If it didin't, you may change resolution and refresh rate under "Display Properties".