Updating 5310

26-Jun-2018 09:10

All of the presets are configured for AAC 128kbps stereo audio.

I tried mp3 instead of aac, but the audio didn't play on the Nokia 5310 when using that format (this could just be an issue with how Handbrake adds mp3 audio to .mp4 files or a bug on the phone..knows).

Next, Change the left and right side crop settings until the the Storage column shows a width of 176 and height of 128 (in this case, 100 pixels were chopped off each side of the movie to force it into a 4:3 format).

You will probably need to keep resetting the width back down to 176 after modifying the crop settings because the numbers can change automatically when the other fields are modified.

Supported Video Formats (Nokia 5310 Xpress Music) Here are the video formats supported by the phone (I gathered the initial info from this link): Handbrake is an application that can convert/transcode your DVDs into smaller/alternate video formats.

I have saved several presets from this application that can be used to encode video for a Nokia 5310.

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Yes, I know it is silly...watching videos on a Nokia 5310 is far from optimal since it has such a small screen.

At any rate, a 16GB card would work well for sticking a bunch of videos on the phone.