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28-Dec-2018 23:21

The ‘Welcome to New Britannia’ Community Trailer Contest kicks off this week!You have from July 13, 2017 to August 18, 2017 ( PM CT) to design a video trailer for all New Britannians to admire.We hope to cover many diverse aspects of our lives as developers, designers, writers, support engineers, and marketers.Right off the bat, I’m more than positive that you will resonate with at least a couple of these comic strips!🙂Writer and Word Press blogger at Theme Isle, Codein WP, and Revive Social. When I'm not creating content, I'm either trekking, having fun at metal concerts, reading a book, or watching/playing tennis.As we are focusing on the Path of Truth we are spending time to not only polish the story elements (dialogue, NPC names, quests, etc.) we are also updating visuals along the path as needed.We always love to experiment with new content ideas, and this time we just couldn’t resist doing something purely for fun. Most of what you’ll see here is related to Word Press in one way or the other.

Crucial scenes along that path are the Colossus scenes, of which there is one for each Titan and the Oracle.

For Release 44 this includes polishing the visuals for three of the towns you visit along the Path of Truth: Aerie, Vertas, and Jaanaford.

Each of these towns is getting updated to include more color (especially blue, the color of Truth), more visuals related to Truth (books, libraries, statues of the Titan of Truth, etc.), and general polish (terrain, foliage, etc.).

For this release I was tasked with making several cosmetic improvements to the City of Aerie otherwise known as the City of Truth.

Aerie Castle has been rebuilt with a full interior and now stands as a prominent landmark to the city.The Aerie Portside has also received a makeover, colored tents and awnings now give the portside a distinct look.To the South, the agrarian district of Aerie has received some Greco-Roman influence from the town of Xenos.😀 That sums up this first edition in the series – October 2017 Word Press comics.

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As we are focusing on the Path of Truth we are spending time to not only polish. etc. we are also updating visuals along. Shroud at Comic-Con San.… continue reading »

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