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Not sure if I'd do multiple topics all in one video but, perhaps at least compile them on a single page if someone's understandably impatient. "how do I make money," "How do I do, um, 'zindra things'," and "what is there to do cuz I'm bored" Jonit, I upload higher-quality videos there, but they're not Flash or wrapped especially, it'd take too much work to do that ourselves.

What's the disadvantage of having them hosted externally if it's (1) robust and (2) can easily be integrated on our own pages?

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Especially because, as you'd expect with Second Life's unreliable server architecture and social penchant for drama, the whole thing rapidly goes sideways -- ably encouraged by the male contestant, "Rugged", who is apparently drunk but definitely douchey, and who ends the show floating around as a disembodied head.San Francisco-based Zoosk recently hit a million run rate based on revenue booked for the sale of Premium Memberships, millions of transactions in Zoosk's virtual economy, and advertising, according to Zadeh.The Series D funding round brings Zoosk's total financing to .5 million.Just this past June, Zoosk raised million in a third round of funding.

To this casual observer of the Internet, two very strong and divergent trends are locked in a Manichean struggle, played out endlessly through a series of.… continue reading »

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