Taylor lautner dating demi lovato

23-Dec-2018 18:28

See also: All There Is To Know About Demi Lovato’s Boyfriend And Her Family He has dated a handful of ladies, but we all know that Taylor has not taken it overboard on that front, so who is the lucky lady who holds the title of Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend these days?Well, her name is Billie Lourd and best believe that she is famous in her own right.Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez got cozy in early 2009, but later that same year, the Twilight hunk romanced Taylor Swift for a few short months.Fellow “Scream Queens” actress Keke Palmer Snapchatted the hot make-out moment between the two, along with more scenes from the party.He showed off his hot body in a wet white t-shirt in the video.: @christophertitone,” he captioned the video, which was shot by his actor friend Chris Titone.

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They have done a good job at keeping themselves out of the spotlight over the years, meanwhile supporting his dreams and raising him up to be a responsible guy with a good work ethic.

So, people, that’s all we have on Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend, now let’s check out his parents.

See also: Neil Fingleton Movies And TV Shows There is so much that we already know about the star and here is, even more, information about the star and his family as a whole. Their names are Deborah and Daniel Lautner and they have stood by the star all through his career.

This an old post and it was JUST a rumor, they are ONLY really good friends 🙂 Ive seen so many comments about them(comments are fine and always appreciated on posts 😀 ), and want you all the know they are not dating.

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Just wanted to clear that up 😀 pix from Just Jared Taylor and Selena are now both filming in Vancouver(seperate films) and they have spent some time getting to know eachother!

If you missed it, Olivia just recently performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in NYC.