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The problem was I didn't know about him, and I was living and going to college in Tennessee. I attended Landmark Christian School from 4th grade until 12th grade.

Landmark was still a part of my life even though I was currently living in Athens, Tennessee and teaching 3rd grade there.

This is based off a Tumblr idea of "going straight to the good parts" by tiptoe39, so there will be no lead-up: just pure fluff. After 5 years of married life travelling the Galaxy, Chloe and Max return to their old home, Arcadia Station, a tiny spaceport in a backwater system.

They settle down, reconnect with old friends and family.

Use the chapter index to search for a story you'd like. But when her best friend (and old crush) invites her over to her and her girlfriend's apartment for Spring Break to cheer her up, Taylor finds that Victoria and Chloe are much more generous hosts than she ever could have hoped for.(Takes place in the universe of We Shall All Be Healed.) In her junior year of high school, Taylor Christensen finally achieved her goal of attending Blackwell Academy. But nothing could have prepared her for the plans Victoria Chase devised for her. Taylor wants to push Victoria down, to reach down into her and drag out the rest of the apology she’s owed.

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They each take place in their own separate universes - some are very close to the canon Life is Strange, and others are vastly different (such as the Everyone is Safe and Happy AU). Maybe if she's lucky, she'll find a girl that doesn't confuse her so much.(Latest updates: date Vic, freak out w/ Rachel) Taylor's been a bit down ever since her girlfriend dumped her.In October of 2014, I happened to be visiting my mom who works at Landmark Christian School.I had just finished having lunch with my "little sister", Jessica, and was talking to my mom in the office and Chase walked in.Victoria Chase returns to Arcadia Bay after ten years for the Class of 2014 Reunion.

Urged by her best friend Taylor, she reluctantly shows her face amongst her former classmates.What started as a long distance crush turned into a life long dream!I never imagined the random cute teacher in the school that day would be my future husband.“I know you're fucking drunk, but your dorm’s over there.” She points out with a raised brow, pushing the door open a little. She wants to say something else, feeling like she needs to use some explanation as to why she’s not moving. In exploring their memories, more of these characters in their present forms are examined.

Aug 17, 2016. 25. Here, Taylor talks rapping on "The Bachelorette," his new album, his first date after JoJo and what he thinks of the other James Taylor. A I just posted a really funny video on Instagram and Twitter of me and Chase the season's second runner-up doing this stupid little rap we made up. It's called “The.… continue reading »

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Taylor Hill was born in Palatine, Illinois and raised in Arvada, Colorado. Beginning at an early age, Taylor Hill was a gymnast, before becoming a model. She has three siblings Logan Rae born January 12, 1995, Mackinley born August 9, 1997 and Chase born April 27, 1999. Mackinley and Chase are also models.… continue reading »

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Jul 12, 2016. Leaving all her waffling indecision back in Buenos Aires, she immediately nixed Alex after their one on one date, and then shocked the nation as she chose Chase, the guy with less personality than bag of rocks, over fan favorite and all around sweet guy, James Taylor. RELATED Celeb 'Bachelorette' fans.… continue reading »

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Having been the statistical strongest link in rounds one and four, she came undone in round six where she was voted off on a countback, by eventual winner Martin Offiah. Taylor only got one question wrong throughout her entire run. She appeared on a celebrity edition of The Chase in November 2013, facing Mark Labbett.… continue reading »

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