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These rituals consist of SCP-2417 creating a small incision on the finger or palm of a human subject.

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Other items found in the apartment include a jar of blood, stacks of kami paper, religious documents regarding the Church of the Second Hytoth, and origami similar in appearance to SCP-2417's preferred form. As time went by, they were forgotten, and without their blood they fell. The endless horrors that roam the Voru are that poison, and they would not hesitate to enter if given the chance. My blood dripped out onto a stone marked with the holy heptagon. If we let the origami vessels out into the wild, who's to say that an enemy could trick them into divulging information?The acquaintance called the police after reportedly being assaulted by "living origami." An undercover Foundation agent intercepted the call, and MTF-Upsilon-20 ("Hogtown Garrison") was dispatched to the location under the guise of police officers. I understand that for some being called SCP-2417 may be strange. Alison, to start things off, who or what is Rakmou-leusan? Last of the great Koru-teusa, the seven holy warrior gods of the Second Hytoth, our world. SCP-2417: The Holy Seven were once beings like you and I, who ascended from their mortal forms to combat forces from the Voru, the outside realm, that threatened reality. The Koru-teusa kept their blood, yet it would leak. SCP-2417: The truth has been lost to the aeons, though some say that the beast silently lurks in unseen corners of areas between realms. As the last of the Koru-teusa, what would happen if Rakmou-leusan died? My family did not bring me into the Church, for they knew not of Rakmou-leusan's glory. She was the one who taught me of the Church and the truth of the universe. Though my eyes perceived a mass of light and arches of darkness, my mind saw a knight in battered yet gleaming white armor. She was a nice person, yet she died before I could know her well. Anyways after her death my old friend Hanae Chiyo came to visit, who seemed, disturbed. Akio: Well, if you are able to remember anything else be sure to let us know. Like many of the old ritual instructions we have laying around, you can never be sure if the outcomes are what they say to be, or if there are any unintended side effects (such as that one time in Austria).SCP-2417 and various pieces of origami were discovered in the kitchen. SCP-2417: Call me Aímact Priest Alison Killian of the Church of the Second Hytoth. While they fell, Rakmou-leusan lives on and defends the gates to our realm! They fought for aeons to protect us and those that came before us, but have been lost or defeated one by one. The second and the third, killed by the jealousy and hatred of each other. Their divine forms could not keep their mortal blood within them, yet they needed it like us. SCP-2417: It was devoured by a beast whose horrid name has been forgotten. Perhaps one day it will return, as all things must hunger eventually. SCP-2417: Imagine releasing poison into a pond full of fish. I remained skeptical until I performed my first blood sacrifice. My mind became connected with the universe for a split second, and I knew that I had to learn more. Can you remember what you did immediately before we met you? I know not why she acted the way she did, but she ran out of the apartment. SCP-2417: It will be a big discovery for the two of us. I'm currently organizing various other priests to perform the same ritual once we are ready, though there are few people who can make origami as good as yours.Now, I know what I'm about to say can't be changed for the plan, but the idea of amnesiac vessels of myself and friends wandering around feels strange.