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She has openly proclaimed that she has a "bleached asshole".

In the Season 11 episode "Being Frank" it is shown that Artemis' family is Jewish.

It is heavily implied throughout the series that Mac is gay, even momentarily coming out of the closet in season 11, and again in season 12, although this time permanently. Dennis is Deandra's twin brother and co-owner of Paddy's. Some episodes hint that Dennis may be a serial killer and rapist, though this remains ambiguous, with one episode suggesting that he collects suitcases made of human skin.

He also displays anti-semitic views, driven by his Catholic upbringing. He is narcissistic, selfish, histrionic and vain, perpetuated by his Ivy League education at the University of Pennsylvania. He even threatens to kill his sister, cut her body into small pieces, and put those pieces into a glass box and put it on display.

Frank is his roommate and possible biological father.Brad returns in the season 7 episode "The High School Reunion" where his face is scarred from the hornet stings.He gets "revenge" on Charlie for this by attempting to give him a wedgie when Charlie has passed out from huffing chemicals in a restroom, but is horrified when Charlie's filthy underwear splinters into shreds in his hands.Ronald "Mac" Mc Donald is Charlie Kelly's childhood friend and Dennis's high school friend and later roommate. He brags about his incredible hand-to-hand combat skills, strength, and general athletic ability though it is quite obvious he lacks any real skill or even a proper sense of balance.

His full name is revealed to be Ronald Mc Donald in the seventh-season episode "The High School Reunion", though his last name involving "Mac" had been established since the introduction of his father. system (a satire of seduction community techniques for bedding women).

He rekindles both relationships in a plot to humiliate them.