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The printed fabrics are Oeko-tex certified and the padding that Pouce et Lina use is 100% polyester and made in France. DELIVERY DELAY: for orders placed from Monday to Thursday evening, preparation time 1 day 48 hours in the post), orders from Thursday evening, preparation on Monday, shipment Tuesday 48 hours in the post.

The Pouce et Lina musical mobile comes, with a stem that is adaptable to all cribs, in a pretty gift box designed and made in the Sarthe, that you can reuse to store baby things.

The mobile operates without a battery, thanks to a windup mechanism.

Each textile element is manufactured and hand sewn in the Pouce et Lina’s French workshop.

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When going to sleep, for a snooze or for the night, a beautiful music will rock the newborn.Nude silver moon and stars mobile Ideal for any newborn, a soft and poetic linen silver and powdered pink musical mobile to decorate baby's bedroom.Bienvenue dans l'univers de la bague interchangeable et personnalisable mood. Une structure en acier forme la base du bijou sur laquelle un anneau vient se loger.Photographe professionnel, boudoir " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / photographe,offre,ses,service,neuchatel,suisse,suisseromande,lausanne,geneve,body,femme,grossesse, famille " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / maquillage enfant, loisir week-end, hiver,fille, maquilleuse " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / Nouveauté!