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Climate of the past 2500 years in the Gulf of Taranto, central Mediterranean Sea: A high-resolution climate reconstruction based on δ18O and δ13C of Globigerinoides ruber (white).

Unraveling North-African riverine and eolian contributions to central Mediterranean sediments during Holocene sapropel S1 formation. Evolution of the Late Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic gateways and their impact on regional and global environmental change. Formation of carbonate chimneys in the Mediterranean Sea linked to deep-water oxygen depletion. Borin, S., Mapelli, F., Rolli, E., Song, B., Tobias, C., Schmid, M. (including early diagenetic processes in anoxic hypersaline deep- water lakes, and submarine mud volcanoes.

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The studied processes include oxic and anoxic decomposition of methane, the reduction of sulphate, the (im) mobilization of Fe, Mn, and the (new) formation of minerals. M., de Lange, Gert J., Brinkhuis, Henk & Sangiorgi, Francesca (). M., Hennekam, Rick, Donders, Timme H., Bunnik, Frans P. S., Grauel, A.-L., Tessarolo, C., Leider, A., Chen, L., Bernasconi, S. • Composition and related origin of gas hydrate, liquid, gas, and minerals (e.g. Capotondi, Lucilla, Girone, Angela, Lirer, Fabrizio, Bergami, Caterina, Verducci, Marina, Vallefuoco, Mattia, Afferri, Angelica, Ferraro, Luciana, Pelosi, Nicola & De Lange, Gert J. Central Mediterranean Mid-Pleistocene paleoclimatic variability and its association with global climate.

The more significant news is that the Huskies have suspended two of their better forwards in Cody Ferriero and Steve Quailer for incidents dating back to last season. They'll also be without freshman. I'm guessing Steve Mastalerz will still be kept out due to whatever minor injury he's fighting. Not sure what else to say that.… continue reading »

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Sep 2, 2003. Dalton, John A. and Lane, Stephen A. 1996 Electron microprobe analysis of Ca in olivine close to. session. Braun, I. J-M Montel, and C. Nicollet 1998 Electron microprobe dating of monazites from. Mastalerz, M. and R. Marc Bustin 1993 Variation in elemental composition of macerals; an example.… continue reading »

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