Star wars the old republic an error occurred updating

16-Nov-2018 03:50

Each administrative elevation is also process specific, which prevents other processes from using the access token without prompting the user for approval.As a result, administrator users have more granular control on what applications install while greatly impacting malicious software that expects the logged on user to be running with a full administrator access token.Detailed steps about the design process are included, along with code samples, requirements, and best practices.This paper also details the technical updates and changes to the user experience in Windows Vista. Windows Vista Updates New Technologies for Windows Vista UAC Architecture Will UAC Affect Your Application?

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I am a bit frustrated by this, as Microsoft is listing this program as compatible here: https:// Center/Product Details Viewer?

Name=Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption&vendor=Lucas Arts&Locale=1033,2057,3081,4105,16393&Model Or Version=1&Bread Crumb Path=empire at war&Type=Software&temp Osid=Windows 8.1 If this program is supposed to be compatible, why isn't it loading?

Why isn't changing any of the compatibility settings making a difference?

I ran the program compatibility assistant multiple times, with no successful loads.

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I then used the program compatibility troubleshooter, as described here: After running the program compatibility troubleshooter, I was able to run the first part of the gold pack, "Star Wars Empire at War," however, I was unable to run the included expansion pack "Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption." When trying to load the Forces of Corruption expansion, I get a plain white screen (not black) with the game's mouse pointer.

When the user approves the action, the task is launched with the administrator's full administrator access token.