Sri lankan sex website

27-Jun-2018 18:18

Therefore while the availability of this information online can benefit certain young people, it is imperative that the state acts imminently and effectively to implement CSE in and out of schools that has the potential to reach a greater number of young people, especially given Sri Lanka’s favorable education indicators.

An internet search in English, Sinhala and Tamil using queries around sexuality education (how to have safe sex, emergency contraception, homosexuality, etc.) shows dismal results when it comes to Happy Life and Road to Adulthood (the latter not being an open site makes it harder to be visible).

Young people are not a homogenous group and their access to the internet is affected by a number of factors such as class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, urban or rural locality, etc.The introduction and implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for young people in and out of school is making extremely slow progress in Sri Lanka, in an otherwise well developed education system, including a youth literacy rate of 97.7% (2008-2012, UNICEF).These delays are due to various reasons including conservative attitudes in society and among policymakers, cultural barriers, pressure from religious groups and leaders, and most importantly, lack of political will. Studies show that knowledge on SRH is poor among adolescents, who comprise 19% of the total population.This makes one question for whom the online sexuality education platforms are meant.