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01-Sep-2018 17:23

There are also another 253,000 people aged 40 and above who are divorced, separated or widowed and some of them may be looking for a second chance at love.

At the Complete Me agency, 15 per cent of its 3,000 clients are 40 and above, a threefold rise from two years ago.

When the bell sounded, the momentary chaos would start again as the men shifted their places to talk to the next woman in line.“I saw the event through my email and newsletter and I brought my friends along”, said Anne, a 25-year-old HR executive.

“For me, I just want to meet some new friends.”“They are very spontaneous, friendly and very easy going, it’s very nice to meet new friends”, said another participant, 26-year-old Alvin, who is from the air force.

It did a survey and found that activities such as baking classes appeal to them as they give them more time to interact with others.

"There is a growing demand and we want to meet their needs," she said.

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A healthy mix of young and old singles socialised and made merry.

“I made a lot of friends still,” said Tey." data-reactid="21"But in the end the event achieved its aim of getting singles to mingle. The ball in Marina Bay Sands Saturday capped the end to five weeks of festivities by the government-backed SND to encourage singles to socialise.

The dating fest saw over 1,000 singles signing up for various activities.

Guinness World Record but as the official from Guinness could not make it simply stands as a world record." data-reactid="13"It was supposed to officially break the Guinness World Record but as the official from Guinness could not make it simply stands as a world record.

The previous record stood at 435 singles and was set by a private organization in South Africa on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Latest available figures show there were about 184,000 singles aged 40 and above in 2010.

Singletons mingled at the Social Development Network's Masquerade Ball on Saturday evening. The speed dating event beat the previous world speed dating.… continue reading »

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