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This method is clearly used in all the extant benches examined (Figures 1, 2, 4, 5).

In some benches in manuscript illustrations, the leg piece is lapped by the rail (Figures 3, 6, and 7) or the rail ends at the leg (Figures 9 and 1 0 - perhaps significantly, both of these benches also have an additional runner at the bottom of the legs for reinforcement).

Best of all, the result is both attractive and medieval.

Brief Notes on History The bench described here is a simple slab-ended stool with a decorative underframe.

Even the dowel construction method is not necessarily the way these stools would have been built in period.

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This design is more stable than the one I describe, but requires four mortise-and-tenon joints.Penelope Eames mentions slab-ended stools in the Bayeux tapestry, but all the furniture there is shown full-front and stylized, so her interpretation is uncertain.The stool design is very simple, and is closely related to that of the slab-ended or six-board chest.In the last five years splendid medieval pavilions have replaced blue plastic tarps at tourneys and camping events.