Sonos updating music library please wait

07-Aug-2018 20:37

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But I can do most operations with that utility ; ) If you use Spotify - the Spotify native Linux client can now control your Sonos system. You can find out how install the Spotify client on Ubuntu here: .

run the (or just the command in there) run the inside the sonos folder (bookmark it) it gives access to favorites and controls (i did my initial setup via android sonos controller) P. you might need to change IP to your Sono S IP, but i guess it should work without any changes too.

Then download the latest version of the Sonos Controller for Windows. If your controller is still not fullscreen, repeat the operation but increase the resolution of the virtual desktop to its maximum (similar to your own resolution).

Here is a tutorial to install Sonos on ubuntu using Wine, Playon Linux and Samba (for the music library).

Install the Sonos Controller The first thing to do is to install Wine and Playon Linux so your computer can use Windows software.

[Read: How to Play Games on Kodi] The next screen you will see asks you to choose the components to include as part of your Kodi upgrade package.

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Unless there is somthing specific that you do not require I suggest that you leave all items ticked and and navigate to the installation folder of your old version of Kodi.With the Kodi team issuing new releases of their media centre product every year or so it doesn’t take long before your system is out of date.Building any HTPC media centre system takes time and dedication and we are often dubious about performing large updates.This way if the update fails or it does not provide the results you expected you can quickly roll your system back to the way it was pre-upgrade.