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08-Dec-2018 21:44

When asked whether she'd written a song about their first kiss, she told the station, "It's not really my jam although I did write one right before we got together I like to say is about us.

I'm trying to pitch that to Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars.

However, after a deep-dive analysis of the lyrics, I'm not so sure.

Given the singer's private ways, it is unlikely that she'll be revealing who or what the song's about anytime soon, but that's not going to stop me from speculating.

Here are a few theories I have: Since she's always remained fiercely protective of her personal life, Sia managed to pull off a feat few other pop stars of her caliber ever could: In August of last year, she married director Erik Anders and managed to not talk about it for eight months.

Even then, it was only to say "thanks" when DJs from Australian radio station Nova 96.9 congratulated her during an interview.

Related: Sia goes Bollywood on big new song 'Never Give Up' - listen to it in full here News of her separation comes only one day after Sia earned Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album nominations for the 59th annual Grammy Awards.

I have so much to thank reality TV for." Perhaps "One Million Bullets" is another one of those things she's thankful for.

But, whatever the song is about, I'm sure thankful she released it for us to enjoy!

Perhaps the song is more metaphorical than literal.

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Sia has famously been uncomfortable with the spotlight, donning a rotation of wigs, masks, and using other distractions to prevent her audience from seeing her face while she performs. "It's possible the song is about her struggle of giving herself over to the public in order to do what she loves to do, and her love/hate relationship with her career.Sia's singing talent and her song were not the only reasons why she got the honour to perform at the fund raiser.She has been open about her bisexuality and came out publically in 2006, according to Hollywood Life.Sia has admitted to dating both men and women, including JD Samson of Le Tigre.