Should most people expect monogamy when dating

12-Jul-2018 12:37

Researchers studying polyamory estimate there are more than half a million polyamorous families in the United States, according to Newsweek.

People seeking shorter, more secretive dalliances now have more opportunities than ever online.

One example: The Ashley Madison Agency, a dating Web site for married men and women, which claims 4.5 million members and greets visitors with the motto, "Life is short.

Have an affair." No wonder many people believe monogamy is completely on its way out.

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Power, wealth and fame are also well-known aphrodisiacs that attract lots of potential new sexual partners -- an issue with which typical couples may not have to grapple.(He asked that his last name not be used for privacy reasons.) Mark, 42, has been married for five years.He and his wife tried different things to spice up their marriage, including swinging, or having casual sex with other people, he said."[Americans] think if an affair happens, it's the end of the story, the fairy tale has been completely shattered, the person isn't the person we thought they were.

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The knee-jerk reaction is you have to get a divorce," Druckerman said.

Added evolutionary biologist David Barash, "It's within the realm of human potential, but it's not easy." Lipton and Barash, who have been married 32 years and are the co-authors of "Strange Bedfellows" and "The Myth of Monogamy," said serial monogamy may be more realistic -- a model in which people move from one committed long-term relationship to another and choose partners for different reasons at different stages of their life. For some, even serial monogamy seems too restrictive.