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She would say that you want to sleep with other women therefore pushing her to other men. From these objections we have to figure out where you stand in convincing your wife.The points a to d above indicate that you have not done the groundwork properly before opening to her about your fantasy so you need to continue doing what I have suggested earlier.You have to establish this with her that no women in past was ever able to understand you as well as she did, so the sex in past with any of your GFs was never as good as it is with your wife now.It would be great if you could establish that you have erection problem and you feel emasculated even thinking about sex with any women including your wife and only because she is so loving and understanding that you can get your cock up to do whatever sexual stuff you do with your wife.

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This doesn't mean that you start bugging her from now on.It is not what you say that matters but how you say it, matters.The groundwork that includes being submissive to her and be like her girlfriend is only so that she can never fathom that you could be interested in any other women.What happened in these 24 hours, nothing changed, the person is same, the bonding and understanding between you two is same, the love and level of trust is same.

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The only thing that changed is her mental block, her mind is configured in such a way that she was completely shut to the idea of having sex and once married she was ready to consider it, ready to think about it and willingly participates in it.Remember less and less penetrative sex with your wife and please her with your mouth and other stuff.If you put her pleasure as a top priority she will have less reasons to believe that you have lost interest in her and want another girl.Now if you have opened up to her about your fantasy and she is giving only these two objections or any one of them than I suggest you do not pester her rather gain her confidence and become submissive/her girlfriend before bringing up this topic again.