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And Sherry Turkle of MIT helps tell the story of ELIZA, a program designed in the 1960s to mimic responses as though it were a therapist.

Now, their pessimism may prove justified, but if history is any guide I wouldn't bet on it.

Cleverbot: Yes, but normally people answer the other person question and not give random AI answers.

They struck up a correspondence that hummed along for 2 months...until a little bell went off in Robert's head, and he realized not only that Svetlana wasn't the woman of his dreams..wasn't a woman at all.

User: The difference between perceptron and logistic regression.


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Anyone disparaging the possibility of humans manufacturing conscious entities - using components substantially different than those normally found in living creatures - is a vitalist.As opposed to simple decision trees, CBR uses stored cases with associated questions organized into a "knowledge base." A presented case, e.g.Cleverbot: Human.___________ User: Why do you hate women?User: See, that's obviously a sentence that you learned.

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