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"We learn from each other, and benefit from the accumulated wisdom of our diverse cultural backgrounds." He deployed the phrase again the next month, when launching a series of public consultations to be conducted by council's Task Force on Community Access and Equity.

In July, the city posted a survey about the coat of arms on its website and distributed copies through libraries, community centres and other civic buildings.

I think it’s great that Trudeau has decided to take this up.”Stephen Harper, the former prime minister, favoured podium signs trumpeting leadership and programs such as “Canada’s economic action plan.”A city webpage says “Diversity Our Strength,” adopted in 1998, actually refers to the “combined strength” of the former downtown and suburban municipalities which amalgamated.

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The former municipalities of Metropolitan Toronto had just been amalgamated, and new civic branding was needed.

The motto shown here [on the mock-up] is allusive: Diversity Our Strength.” Her report contained no explanation of the intended meaning, but did say of the beaver’s collar that “the intertwined strands speak of the added strength each has when working together, suggesting the emergence of strength out of diversity as an idea for the new City.” The bear wore a similar accessory, “showing its common purpose with the other, very different, supporter.” At committee, when the choice came down to “Diversity Our Strength” or “The Meeting Place,” Kyle Rae informed his colleagues that the latter reminded him of a “sex chat line.” “Talk about having a chilling effect,” James wrote.

The artist's personal home telephone number in Köln, Germany was printed across confrontational and oversexed images of the artist, exploring issues as varied as depression, sex chat lines, reality culture, and self-promotion. A sequel version was produced in 1997 featured the artist's new telephone number in Toronto.… continue reading »

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Nov 25, 2015. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have co-opted Toronto's official motto “Diversity Our Strength,” but nobody at city hall seems to mind. “Diversity Our Strength” narrowly beat out “The Meeting Place,” an entry that lost steam after then-councillor Kyle Rae said “it reminds me of a sex-chat line.”.… continue reading »

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