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“Girl in a Red Dress,” pictured above, is another portrait painted by Alston.This painting would become a symbol of the Harlem Renaissance because of Alston’s ability to depict the intellect and confidence of the girl to “convey to the world a different kind of beauty” (Wardlaw, 20).

Living in the growing Harlem neighborhood during the Great Depression, Alston witnessed the strength of his community, a feature which would become evident in his artwork. Du Bois’ “Talented Tenth”—the group that would take on the mantle of responsibility and leadership required to move the race ahead” (Wardlaw, 7).A veritable pioneer, Charles Alston used art to portray both history and his contemporary reality.Born in 1907 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alston’s first exposure to art was through modeling the red clay native to his neighborhood (Coker, 18).This painting removes the girl from a defined time and location, making it universal and a depiction of “the subject from her inner vantage point” (Wardlaw, 20).