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The interviewer tells her that July and August are the busiest months of the year and asks whether she will be available to work during that time period.Darlene replies that she is due to deliver in late September and intends to work right up to the delivery date.

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The campground's refusal to hire Darlene on this basis constitutes pregnancy discrimination.

The most familiar form of pregnancy discrimination is discrimination against an employee based on her current pregnancy.

Such discrimination occurs when an employer refuses to hire, fires, or takes any other adverse action against a woman because she is pregnant, without regard to her ability to perform the duties of the job.

When she was three months pregnant, Germaine's supervisor told her that she would not receive a bonus.

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Because the pregnancy was not obvious and the evidence indicated that the decision makers did not know of Germaine's pregnancy at the time of the bonus decision, there is no reasonable cause to believe that Germaine was subjected to pregnancy discrimination.

It is reasonable to conclude that her discharge was attributable to the supervisor's stereotypes about pregnant workers' attendance rather than to Maria's actual attendance record and, therefore, was unlawful.