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The geographical abbreviations used above are based on the Chapman codes Margaret Taylor writes:- “In Yorkshire some parishes were extremely lucky in having what were called DADE REGISTERS, named after the Rev William Dade, vicar of several Yorkshire parishes, who instituted a system of giving substantially more information than normal.

If you come across these they are a gold mine, since they usually give in a baptismal entry not only the name of the father but the mother's name, father's occupation, and the names of both grandfathers and parishes of residence, thus taking you back another generation and to other places.

We would like suggestions from readers of the Bulletin as to what they would like the Toronto Family History Centre to hold. Details can be found on bad news is that for the National Archives to do the search the charge is £60 but you might well be able to find a private researcher to do the job more cheaply. To pursue the idea that he might have been responsible for the stained glass window you could try parish chest records to see if their is any record of a payment to him but there is always the possibility that the window was donated and payment to Mr Scatchard was made by the donor.

Our present collections tend to be biased toward the UK and this represents the interests of a large number of our patrons but this may be a chicken and egg situation - maybe we would attract larger numbers of members of other communities if our collections covered their interests. Favourite UK County Sites The county for next week will be Wiltshire. Volunteers will look up specific names in local records, including census records, some parish registers, directories, Monumental Inscriptions, and references in some books. of the series of sites – growing – cemetery indexes – volunteer transcribers.

In this Bulletin Favourite UK County Sites The county for next week will be Lancashire . And a whole lot of sites given without description (but the URL gives a good idea of what they might contain).

Send it details of your favourite sites giving details of what can be found on these sites. A number of readers have sent in details (we have eliminated duplicates) and give here what those readers describe:- The site covers the Keighley area of West Yorkshire with many small tidbits of interest; included are old photos of people and places as well as recent pictures of this lovely area. received in the 7 days ending 26 April 2007, due for return (unless renewed) .

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An online parish clerk is a volunteer transcribing records from parishes in a specific area. Gay's site deals mainly with Ashton-under-Lyne and the Tameside area of south-east Lancashire, but there are many, many links to genealogy and history sites of both local and general interest. Will Search – nearly a quarter of a million records. of amazing information, plus searchable photo archives and listings of holdings.The geographical abbreviations used above are based on the Chapman codes Were you aware................... Percentage of all deaths: United Kingdom 1900 0.1% 1930 0.9% 1950 15.6% 1970 55.4% 1990 69.6% 2004 72.2% Canada 1930 0.5% 1950 1.9% 1970 5.9% 1990 32.5% 2004 56.0% USA 1950 4.0% 1970 4.6% 1990 17.1% 2001 26.9% One wonders how much longer the practice of embalming a body so that it looks nice for a few hours in a funeral home is going to be allowed to continue.The principal embalming fluid is formaldehyde, a Class 1 carcinogen and when the body is consigned to the ground it seems inevitable that the fluid must find its way to a water course.There is a link to Keighley BMDs, Brigg Burial Ground (with pictures of some of the tombstones) and the Keighley Workhouse This is a marvelous site with church records, census records, trade directories, maps, war memorials, news items, schools, wills, voters lists, history, constables, etc. A patron wishing to view a film ordered by another patron should check first with staff.

It has lists of people from local Directories, BMD from the local churches, history, stories about local people etc. The patron who ordered the film will always have priority.

Where the deceased leaves a will and names in the will an executor (or executors) those persons would normally obtain the court's consent - a Grant of Representation - to deal with the estate. If the deceased did not leave a will or the will was invalid or if the executors named in the will were unwilling or unable to act, other persons may apply to act as the executor for the estate and if granted this would be a Grant of Administration.