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Amazing how wars, some of these False Flags and massacres have the odd habit of being set off on Jew holy days! Your public exposure down the track, along with all your one trick ponies in your fecal obsessed coven. Impress us all again with your great control of the world's leaders... But lets just put something else out their for public consumption Foz... said (March 3, 2018): Fozzy, your ego is as big as the horizon... You've been writing missives to Henry's site for years regarding your O'glorious cults' triumphantness upon the world of idiots... most of the ones you seem to mention are/have been played by 'prosthetic' wearing actors. what about 'that man' from Adelaide you were warned about, a long time ago? You torment everyone else, but 'he' gets to taunt you.The map is so inaccurate, that I can only think it was made by one of his younger grandchildren, with a crayon.It includes huge parcels of Crown Land (nonarable), National Parks, pastoral leases (99-year leases) some of which could have Chinese ownership - but only some and not all, Aboriginal land/ pastoral stations and many non-Chinese mining tenements. At: ( - ) There are four (4) sheriffs/law enforcement officers (whose faces can be seen on the video) (two of which) are carrying a heavy bag out of the school.Following the incident, it emerged in the media that Bryant had significant intellectual disabilities.This staged shooting was the pretext for banning handguns in Australia.The Port Arthur operation was organized by the Alpha Lodge in conjunction with the Howard government.It was executed by two SAS men, one of whom died in a helicopter crash (in Queensland, I think) while the other got a posting overseas.

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Foz, you've been bragging for nearly ten years now, might want to stop.

After that, we'll be working less from the background, although we're pretty open already.

Supermarkets operate on 'just in time' delivery systems, so I guess that the shelves will remain well stocked.

So just remember that the lord is your shepherd and like all good shepherds he'll lead you to the slaughterhouse very soon.

That's the slaughterhouse all of you built, so don't act surprised when it happens.For example, last financial year (2016-2017) the Chinese increased their land holdings in Australia by ten times, mostly farmland.This was us again while Aussies are watching cooking programmes and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.Al Thompson said (March 3, 2018): "Satan Rules the World - get used to it." This guy is so full of shit. This idea is to make people accept the inevitability of evil and to readily accept it. He will be paid back for every evil thing that he does or instigates. As for Martin Bryant's pasted on head via Ray Martin's dribble fest - yes, I spotted it the first time too!