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My husband is African American, and I question weather if this was a white man, would he have been treated differently.

I guess I was in shock, because Auto Zone in mesa has treated us so kind and never treated us with such dis respect , actually it is the one in Apache junction.

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I tried calling your customer service numbers and got the run around and 100 on several times and very frustrated I want my money back and I will make sure nobody in my town shops are again.

however no place on the promotional offer can I find the address or online information to send the receipt and promotion slip into.

I searched on line and only found an old 2015 rebate, nothing current.

My husband went to turn it in, and a lady name Carla alaya who works there, maybe got the name smelled wrong, humiliate my husband, by accusing him of trying to bring it back after it was used, in front of people who was listing , he was upset, my husband is a minister and a jrotc instructor , and a vet of 24 and a half years in the army, we do not need the little bit of money that was owed to us.

She was wrong to do what she did, my husband had to call the COL, to let them know the part was not touch or used, and I called the store also, because the car was towed to the house and on Thursday evening aaa towed it to phoenix to be looked at.The clerk broke off the wiper and charged me for a whole blade.Trans #919169 STore#6258 If this is the way you treat coustomers, this is the last time I will do bussines with you Reply the store manager in east main street called (Camilo) is very rude and does not deserve to be in there as a manager in store I own a company and he does not know who I am and I have been coming to same store for years to buy my car parts and that faithful morning I was up happy needed my brakes fixed I got to the entrance with a smiling face saying good morning as I walk in the store only to be screamed at by a woker by the time I checked was a store manager named ( Camilo ) very unprofessional speaking to me without knowing whom I am saying I need to join a part line while the signs he wrote a sign can not be seen if at that I think there are better ways to talked to aged people that are as old as his mother if he does have one and regard I made a vow never to let my friends or family around the east main street auto zone be part of my family and friends for the disrespect is too much to have ruin my birthday Reply I just purchased the Rain-X Quantum Wiper Blades (2) Offering a .00 gift card rebate.In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, Truck Pro and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations.