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'The only people who say that is people who don't work out.Anyone who goes to the gym knows what Nelly is doing is nothing,' the rap star said during a 2008 interview when he was asked about the rumours.You can submit a dispute to the appropriate credit bureau fairly easily online.The agency is required to investigate the situation and make any necessary changes or corrections.Still others are notified of debts that they thought were already paid or that belong to someone else.

They pursue debtors through their own in-house collections department, third-party law firms and third-party collections agencies.“The odds of getting sued are higher if your debt is large.” If you ignore repeated collection attempts, you make yourself a prime candidate for legal action.Many consumers don’t respond to collection letters and phone calls. Or they might not think it’s real,” explains Mc Clelland.Under the FCRA you can opt out of receiving unsolicited, pre-screened/pre-approved credit and insurance offers in the mail. If you change your mind after you have opted out, you can use this same process to opt in again.

You also have the right to have any errors in your credit report corrected.If the creditor can’t, they cannot pursue a judgment against you.“Debt collectors are inaccurate much of the time,” says Mc Clelland.Credit reporting agencies are also required to disclose the sources of any incorrect information and provide you with a list of who has received a copy of the report that includes the incorrect information.